AHM Specialists in abrasive wear.

Products For The Brick And Tile Industry.

Plough Blades:
Manufactured to customers specifications in either mild steel or AS500 wear plate. In addition these can be supplied hard faced or tiled, using Wear-Tect-ItŪ tungsten carbide strips for maximum life.

Mixer Blades:
Manufactured as above, to customers specifications.

Shredder Blades:
Converted to take tungsten carbide tipped segments for maximum life.

Paddle Bars:
These are manufactured to customers requirements in mild steel or AS500. These can be tipped using Wear-Tect-ItŪ tungsten carbide strips for maximum life.

Die Liner Plates:
Made to customers specifications in tungsten carbide or a variety of die steels to suit particular working conditions.

Bridge bars:
For either three hole or ten hole configuration, manufactured to customers specifications.

Core Rod Sleeves:
For increased core rod life, in tool steel or tungsten carbide.

Perforator Cones:
To customers specifications in either tool steel, tungsten carbide or ceramic.

Drag Face Blades And Holders:
Tungsten carbide drag face blades for stretchers and headers.

Rusticator Blades:
Tungsten carbide coated steel rusticator blades for a combination of wear resistance and toughness.
Solid tungsten carbide rusticator blades for maximum wear resistance.

Sander Nozzles And Sander Parts:
Tungsten carbide lined sander nozzles and parts to fit Basic sander guns.
Special sander nozzles designed and made for customers individual requirements.

High Velocity Kiln Burner Nozzles:
High velocity burner nozzles designed and manufactured in stainless steel for efficiency, robustness, and long service life.

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