Award Hard Metals design and manufacture wear parts.


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We design and manufacture consumable wear parts for many engineering industries, in steel,  tungsten carbide and ceramic.


Specialist fields of work:-

Weldable tungsten carbide inserts, blocks, and hammers for Tub Grinders  and similar machines. Tungsten carbide rings and sleeves. Tips, strips and rods for engineers cutting tools. Tungsten carbide tiles and solid tungsten carbide wear resistant components for brick manufacturing, foundries, earth boring, dredging, the concrete industry etc., and for general materials handling.

Special weldable wear strips faced with tungsten carbide tiles (known as WEAR-TECT-IT.) for the protection of steel components subjected to severe abrasive wear.

Design and manufacture wear parts for industrial mixing machines.




Products and Services

 Fields of Activity

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Hammer Blocks

Foundry Industry



Tool Steel Products

Brick Industry



Tungsten Carbide Products

 Drilling/Pipe Laying







Wire Erosion Services.

Wire & Wire Products








Welding /Hard facing


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Foundry Industry

Wear parts for the foundry industry. Manufacture and supply of consumable parts for sand reclamation equipment. Agitator blades and plough blades for F.T.L., Eirich, Dozamet, Speed Muller , August, Mould Master, and similar sand preparation machines.

Sand blades, and sprue cutters.

WEAR-TECT-IT. tungsten carbide wear strips for "in house" maintenance.

All enquiries are welcome and dealt with promptly.


Brick Industry.

Manufacture and supply of perforator cones, bridge bars to customers designs, core bars; core bar sleeves in tungsten carbide and tool steel. High velocity burner nozzles, for kilns, in stainless steel. Wear parts for industrial mixing machines.

Rigid replaceable tungsten carbide drag face blades. Flexible tungsten carbide drag face blades.

Tungsten carbide rusticator blades.

Tungsten carbide lined sander nozzles, air jets, and sander guns.

Tungsten carbide and tool steel die liner plates.

WEAR-TECT-IT.  wear strips for silo ploughs, belt scrapers etc.

Protection of conveyer chains  handling abrasive materials.

Drilling and trench less pipe laying.

Manufacture and refurbishment of drilling heads for water exploration and trenchless pipe laying.
Directional drill heads refurbished and upgraded using  WEAR-TECT-IT
.   tungsten carbide strips, for longer life. Jet head blades designed to suite customers needs and protected with WEAR-TECT-IT. tungsten carbide strips.

WEAR-TECT-IT. wear strips for the manufacture and refurbishment of back reamers and compactor cones.


WEAR-TECT-IT. wear strips for the protection of drag heads and grab petals. ON SITE welding and hard facing in the UK.

Protection of conveyor chains  handling abrasive materials.

Wire and Wire Products.

Tungsten carbide wire guides and wear parts. Tungsten carbide lined nozzles and dies for plastic coating machines. Tungsten carbide wear parts for wire weaving machines.


Punches, dies and special tooling. Consultancy and design service for wear parts in any industry.

Welding and Hard Facing.

In house and on site welding using MIG, TIG, and stick welding in the UK . Rebuilding and hard facing of jaw crushers, crusher hammers, scrolls, paper pulverizing equipment, transfer rolls, etc.

All enquiries are welcome and dealt with promptly.



Tool Steel Products.

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Tool steel punches and dies for powder compacting. Die liners for brick manufacturing and the refractory industry. Tool steel nozzles and wire guides for plastic coating machines.

Perforator cones and core rod sleeves for brick manufacture.

Tungsten Carbide.

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  • Special shaped tips, to your design in a wide variety of grades for machining steel, cast iron, non ferrous materials, wood and plastics etc. Orders for any quantity from 10 to 10,000 are accepted.
  • Saw tips.
  • Tips in impact resistant tungsten carbide for tunneling, mining, and quarrying.
  • Tungsten carbide strip and rod in both metric and imperial sizes, cut to any length.
  • Tungsten carbide tiles for wear and abrasion resistance.