The photograph on the left is of a tungsten carbide tipped swing hammer for a Duratech tub grinder. The hammer has been made using a weldable tungsten carbide tipped hammer segment, consisting of a high impact hammer tip, brazed with copper to a mild steel block. This has been M.I.G. welded to the main body of the hammer, which is made from Hardox 450, ensuring that the pin hole doesn't elongate during service.

Copper is used as a braze material because it is unaffected by the welding process and at the same time produces a high strength metallurgical bond.

We can design tungsten carbide hammer segments and hammers to suit various machines and customer requirements.


A 50mm square block x 38mm wide in mild steel, designed to be welded to a 30mm wide swing hammer body.
A 40mm square x 114mm long mild steel body with M16 fine pitch threaded holes in the back for mounting to a fixed Duratech hammer.
A 50mm square x 76mm wide mild steel block which can be welded to a 70mm wide swing hammer or mounted on fixed hammers. This block can be supplied with either two 38mm or three 25mm T.C. tips.