Manufacturing  Applications  For  Earth  Boring.

  Drag Bit Head For Water Exploration.

The photograph on the left shows a drag bit manufactured using TCC/20 segments to form the cutting teeth. The advantages for using WEAR-TECT-ITŪ is the ease and speed of manufacture, coupled with ability to refurbish drills "in the field", by cutting off the worn segments and replacing with new ones. The drill diameter can also be increased easily by welding further segments on the flights.

A Back Reamer Made Using SEGMETAL

The photograph on the right shows a back reamer made using TCC/20 segments. Again the advantages are speed of manufacture, and ease of refurbishment. The grade of carbide used for this application is exceedingly tough and stands up to the most arduous conditions.

Refurbished Directional Drill Head.

A directional drill head refurbished for TransCo. The area of the steering flat was increased and in addition TCC14/20 segments were fitted to minimise wear on the sides.

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