Tungsten Carbide Wear Strips.

Electric Welding SEGMETAL Strips.

WEAR-TECT-IT is a tungsten carbide tiling system, designed to protect materials handling equipment from severe abrasive wear. It consists of a multiplicity of mild steel strips with at least one face protected by tungsten carbide tiles.

The tiles are brazed in position using a high temperature braze, which has a very high bond strength. Between each tile is a 2mm gap and behind each gap is a slot, which is 6mm wide, extending through the steel, leaving approximately 4mm of steel remaining. Thus the strips can be easily bent and cut with a hacksaw.

Each strip has one edge prepared so that it can be electric welded onto the component to be protected. Any method of electric welding can be used, such as stick electrode, T.I.G. or M.I.G. In the adjacent photograph T.I.G. welding is being used to attach strips to an August sand mill, outer plough, for foundry sand preparation.

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