Foundry Applications.

Part of an Eirich floor and wall scraper.

A view of a floor and wall scraper for an Eirich mixer, protected using TCCM20 strips to scrape the wall and TCA/20 strips to scrape the floor. Samples of each strip can be seen adjacent to the scraper.

F.T.L. agitator blades protected with WEAR-TECT-ITŪ.
This photograph was taken after trials at J.I.Case (Doncaster) Ltd in 1989. It shows three F.T.L. agitator blades. The one on the left is a new blade manufactured by us and protected with WEAR-TECT-ITŪ. The one in the middle is a standard blade which was tested alongside the one on the right.

J.I.Case were having serious wear problems due to the very abrasive nature of their sand mix: they were having to replace blades every three weeks.A rotor was made up for the trials consisting of eight standard blades and ten protected by WEAR-TECT-ITŪ. The rotor lasted three months, after which it was taken out of service because of the wear on the standard blades.

F.T.L. now manufacture agitator blades protected with WEAR-TECT-ITŪ.

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